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How It Works

May 15, 2019 by admin

FundaRental is a friendly peer to peer online rental community matching renters with vendors. We making renting easy and fun.

  • Renters: People in search of an item to rent
  • Vendors: People with an item to rent out

How it Works for Renters (Customers):  

  • Click on any item you want to rent
  • Reserve the item for as long as you want and pay directly online
  • Arrange pickup / delivery with owner
  • Return the item when you are done

Why Rent through FundaRental?

  • It just feels good to rent from another individual vs some big corporation
  • Renting from a private party vendor will almost always save you money
  • Renting from a vendor will also provide more flexibility with pickup/drop-off times.


How it Works for Vendors (Owners):  

How to Add a New Listing

  1. Click on “Signup” or “Login” if you already have an account. Learn more…
  2. To Add your Rental, simply fill in rental details, like price, photos, description, etc.  Learn More…
  3. Start Renting! Click on “View Listings” from your login area to review, edit, etc. Learn more…

Steps to Starting Your Own Rental Business

  • Do you have items that you could be renting out to supplement your income? Most people already have asset, often seldom used, which could be exactly what a customer wants to rent!
  • How about growing your rental business? You can purchase items with the sole intent of renting them out to others. Often times full ROI can be achieved in less than 5-10 rentals, sometimes sooner
  • Once initial investment is recovered, vendors can set aside future profits to purchase additional rental items.
  • Without almost no overhead associate with a home business, vendors can often price their item to be more appealing to renters, which leads to more business for you!