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August 12, 2019

Why FundaRental?

Why FundaRental?

FundaRental has had an online presence since 2007, with thousands of successful reservations made through the website. A wide range of rental items have steadily been added over the years, mostly by private parties, which not only saves the renter money but increases business for the vendor.
Traffic has also increased every year since its inception. In fact, in July 2019 FundaRental hit an all time high in number of visitors. After evaluating customer feedback we have decided to do a complete overhaul and remodel the website.

We believe the new website will be much more user friendly and mobile friendly for both the renter and the vendor. This should make it much easier for the renter to reserve an item and pay for the rental directly through the website.

The vendor will have a lot of features as well. When a renter places a reservation, you will receive a SMS text message, so you will know instantly when you have a reservation. The renter will also make a payment directly through the website which helps you get paid quicker and adds credibility to the renter.


2 thoughts on “Why FundaRental?

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    • Saradhara Brijesh
      on February 28, 2024

      fundarental is a property rented to best site

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